Dan Brown Agrees to Rare Interview

Dan Brown

Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty

Probably due to his controversial books, author Dan Brown is known to be a bit of a recluse.

But on October 16th, Matt Lauer will be interviewing Brown in an hour-long session titled Secrets of the Lost Symbol


Brown's expected to talk about his new book, The Lost Symbol, as well as the beliefs of the Freemasons, the power of the human mind, whether people can become gods and a little-known science that may tie them all together.

I know the critics are really harsh when it comes to Brown's novels, but I read The Da Vinci Code and personally enjoyed it. I made sure to look at it as merely a fictional piece, regardless of Brown's claims at the beginning of the book that all descriptions were accurate.

Are you a fan of Dan Brown? Have you read any of his novels? If so, what did you think of them? Will you watch the interview?

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