What's Your Book-Borrowing Etiquette?

reading a book

Photo by TaraAnnG

I went to lunch with a friend of mine (we'll call her Friend A) and, while we were catching up, she told me about a very awkward situation that happened to her.


One of her other friends (Friend B) had lent Friend A a book over two years ago. It wasn't requested, just sort of one those "Hey, I have this really great book that I think you'll really enjoy reading" situations.

Friend A reluctantly took the book from Friend B and nothing more was said. Friend B didn't give a single hint to show she was expecting to get it back.

Fast forward two years. Friend B asks Friend A if she could have her book back. Now, Friend A has since moved, and, whether it was from moving or simply just life, the book is nowhere to be found.

She's not exactly sure what she should do. Friend B never showed interest in getting the book back until now. Should she say she lost it and offer to buy her a new copy, or just simply state that she wasn't aware of Friend B's expectations of having it returned?

For me personally, when I lend someone a book, unless I specifically state that I want it back, I don't expect them to return it.

What do you expect when you lend a friend a book? How would you handle this situation?

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