Get Your Fix: Grey's Anatomy, 90210 Updates


Photo by: mysixpack

If real life high school and hospitals were as exciting as TV, we'd all be high school juniors hanging out in the emergency room! Here is your weekly prescription of episode recaps for Grey's Anatomy and 90210.



Grey's Anatomy (via Mom2LandS)

Dr. Hunt returns and brings a whole different level to SGH. He pushes the docs-in-training to do something that hasn't been done in a long time. In addition, Hunt pushes Steven's buttons to no end! The Chief challenges Bailey with an impossible surgery. The Hahn/Torres/Sloane love triangle gets more interesting, and we see another side to Hahn. Keep an eye on George and Lexi too! We see the old George we fell in love with so long ago.

90210 (via cldetary)

It's Homecoming time!  Dixon asks Silver to go, but she gets her wisdom teeth out instead.  Ethan tells Annie he wants to ask her, but he can't because it's too soon since Naomi. Drama queen Naomi finds out that Adrianna almost died from her overdose but is still alive and is in rehab.  Adrianna confessed that the drugs were not Naomi's they were hers so Naomi is off the hook.  She will be in detention for the rest of the semester for lying but that is not all bad, as Naomi meets a cute bad boy while in detention.  At the dance, Ethan and Annie dance together while Naomi fumes. Adrianna sneaks out of rehab and goes to the dance! The rehab runaway wants to apologize to Naomi. Ryan finds Kimberly buying drugs but finally learns Kimberly is an undercover cop.  There are some long awaited kiss scenes at the end of the episode!

Big love to Mom2LandS, cldetary for providing me with this updates! Are you friends with either of these ladies?  If you're not, you should meet them! They are both friends of mine and I think they are awesome. Thanks also to mysixpack for providing this great Halloween photo!


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