The Hills' Headlines: My Guilty Pleasure

The Hills TV Show

Photo from The Hills/MTV

Some people's guilty pleasures are chocolate, some are trashy gossip mags, mine is the drama of The Hills.


Oh yes, I love it. I love hating Speidi, rolling my eyes at Audrina, and thinking "Oh, Stephanie, would you just stop trying to fix everything!"

Tuesday night's season premiere did not disappoint. I don't think it wasn't even ten minutes into it before there was already a catfight over a boy. Love it!

If the drama on the television show isn't enough for you, check out these other Hills stars' stories making headlines:

Lauren Conrad's book being turned into a movie.

Heidi has babies on the brain.

Spencer and Heidi are barely having sex.

Heidi to fill in on The View.

Audrina bashes Heidi's singing career.

Are you a fan of The Hills? What do you think of all the drama between the characters?

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