Worst Movies Of the Last Decade

Rotten Tomatoes has compiled the "Worst of the Worst," a list of the top 100 worst movies of the last decade. There are some true losers on the list: Gigli, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, and, of course, Glitter.

What's the worst movie I've ever seen?


Ugh, definitely Waterworld. Kevin Costner has...gills? And why is he delivering mail? Oh wait, that's The Postman. I detest that one, too!

I can't say I agree with the entire worst list...The Perfect Man? That's a great movie! And who doesn't love Chris Noth? Same thing goes with Down to You; it has Julie Stiles AND Freddie Prinze, Jr. (I think my husband is rolling his eyes—what can I say? I'm a sucker for bad romantic comedies!)

Here are the bottom 10 from the "Worst of the Worst " list:

10. Witless Protection (2008)
9. Redline (2007)
8. 3 Strikes (2000)
7. Strange Wilderness (2008)
6. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004)
5. National Lampoon's Gold Diggers (2004)
4. King's Ransom (2005)
3. Pinocchio (2002)
2. One Missed Call (2008)
1. Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever (2002)  

I haven't even heard of most of these movies! I guess that's a good thing?

What's the worst—the absolute WORST—movie you've ever seen?


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