Fall Premiere Season: Is It Good for Your Marriage?

retro televisionIt's fall television premiere season, and I'm afraid I might not see my dear husband again until December.


As always there are lots of great TV shows to watch. I can't simply *not* watch — even though much of the time it means I watch alone.

Unfortunately, try as I might to engage my hubs in TV, he's just not that into it. He doesn't do reality TV. At all. I have tried for years to get him into LOST. But no. Although I did make him watch a little Glee the other night, and he didn't leave. Hee hee.

There are only two shows we have ever agreed on: Law & Order (any of them) and Dexter, which we're slowly watching on DVD. Gee, I hope that's enough to seal the matrimonial bond.

Is your marriage or relationship put on the back burner during fall premiere season? Or is this the season you come together in the glowing romantic light of the television?


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