Do You Boycott Celebs' Projects Because of Their Personal Life?

Chris Brown

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When celebs do really bad things in their personal lives, such as Chris Brown beating Rihanna, I have a tendency to frown upon their next few projects.



I really liked Chris Brown, but I refuse to buy his next album when, pre-incident, I would have.

Am I being stubborn? Oh, most definitely. And even though I know their art has nothing to do with their personal life, I can't help not liking them after hearing things such as that uncalled for VMA outburst, therefore, I don't want to support them by buying an album/movie ticket/etc.

I'm sure it'll fade, and I'm sure come next year I'll be rockin' out to Kanye and Chris Brown once again. I'm also not going to deny that some of the best music/movies ever made were made by people who committed all sorts of crimes. Like I said, it's more me being stubborn than anything.  :-)

Moms were asked this in Answers and here are some of their responses:

Dylansmom32509: No. I go to movies to see characters. What celebs do in their personal life really doesn't concern me unless they are killers or something of that nature.

LoriKeet: When celebs hurt THEMSELVES (i.e. overdoses, affairs, etc.), I could care less. However, when it gets political (ie: Jeanine Garofalo, Susan Sarandon, Martha Stewart, et. al.) I do tend to boycott their projects--especially if it is known in advance that their profits or salaries are going to support something I am totally against...such as campaigns for politicians I do not like (i.e. Oprah for Obama), Scientology (John Travolta, Tom Cruise) or other extremist views/groups. 

Do you boycott celebs' projects due to events in their personal life?

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