Diablo Cody Signs Up for Sweet Valley High Movie

Sweet Valley High Movie

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty

Diablo Cody, genius screenwriter behind Juno and Jennifer's Body has signed up for another movie project: Sweet Valley High!!


I was a huge fan of the book series when I was younger. I always wanted to be like Jessica (flirty cheerleader) but, in reality, was more like Elizabeth (enjoyed reading and writing).

Diablo has signed on to write and produce the movie. I really hope that this movie is done well...remember when they attempted to turn The Babysitter's Club into a movie? IMO, that was a total bomb.

Hmm, I wonder who would be the starring actresses...the Olsen twins maybe?

Did you read the book series as a kid? Would you go see this movie? Who do you think should play the twins?

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