What T.V. Character's Life Do You Want?

The grass is always greener on the T.V. screen

When life has me down I escape with T.V. or a movie, and I sometimes find myself wishing that I could transport myself straight into the screen. Who would I want to trade places with? Hmm. Allison DuBois (Medium) has a pretty exciting life and I adore her husband Joe, but she gets into some pretty scary stuff that I'm not so sure I could handle. Then, of course, there's Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)—Bill is super hot, but Sookie gets into a lot of scary stuff as well. I love the clothes they get to wear on Gossip Girl, and I wouldn't mind going to work with Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) every day. I also envy the solid friendship of Monica and Rachel (love those Friends re-runs), but I think if I had to choose where I'd want to end up, I'd go back to a time and place when things seemed simpler and fun. Maybe I'd be Mary Tyler Moore and hang out with Rhoda.

What T.V. character would you like to trade places with?

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