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Power is sexy. Actors playing a powerful figure, like the President of the United States, is even sexier! Who is your choice for the sexiest movie or television Commander-in-Chief? I have a few of my picks and I want to know yours!  Next Tuesday, on Election Day, we'll have an Entertainment Buzz poll to determine the winner of the Sexiest Movie (or TV) President. Here are a few of my ideas:


Michael Douglas in The American President

President Andrew Shepard dates lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (Annette Benning).  His political rival, Bob Rumsford, creates a media blitz against the President for dating her. How can you not vote for a guy who goes on national TV to defend his woman? Dig if you will, a quote from the movie:

You wave an old photo of the President's girlfriend and you scream about patriotism and you tell them, she's to blame for their lot in life, and you go on television and you call her a whore. Sydney Ellen Wade has done nothing to you, Bob. She has done nothing but put herself through school, represent the interests of public school teachers, and lobby for the safety of our natural resources. You want a character debate, Bob? You better stick with me, 'cause Sydney Ellen Wade is way out of your league.

Kevin Kline in Dave

This is a great movie! I love the idea of the movie, about regular person who is acting as President...and he is good at it! One of my favorite parts of the movie is where the President tries to cut some of the political excess out of the national budget. Dave (Kevin Kline) has a meeting with his cabinet to go over the some of the wasteful government spending. President Dave asks his Secretary of Transportation to cut out $42 million dollars in the Transportation budget. The money is for an ad campaign to make Americans feel better about buying an American car.

Dave: I don't want to tell some eight-year-old kid he's gotta sleep in the street because we want people to feel better about their *car*. Do *you* want to tell them that?
Secretary of Commerce: [quietly] No sir. No, I sure don't.

Don't you wish that could really happen? I am going to be posting some of my other picks over the next few days so stay tuned. Here are a few more of my candidates for sexy Presidents, please give me yours!

Jeff Bridges-The Contender

Martin Sheen-The West Wing

Dennis Haysbert-24

Thanks to Jenlo for giving me the inspiration for this post!

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