I Love Augusten Burroughs

augusten burroughsOne of my favorite authors is Augusten Burroughs. I recently finished A Wolf at the Table and if you like reading about family dysfunction in a comical way, you may love it as much as me. 

I read Running With Scissors (but hated the movie) and Dry -- loved both books, but might have enjoyed Dry a little better.


Magical Thinking was also great and it was a collection of short stories, which can be a nice break from a long novel here and there.

I have Possible Side Effects at home waiting to be read and he also has You Better Not Cry coming out in October -- excited about both.

I'm currently reading David Sedaris' collection of shorts, When You Are Engulfed in Flames. So far, some stories I love, others not so much. I'm also rotating between reading that along with a couple of twin books and a book on hypnobirth. Lots going on for me!

I haven't read any of Sedaris' other books, so I should give him more of a chance.

Have you read anything by Augusten Burroughs or David Sedaris? What do you think of the memoir genre?


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