Fall TV: Monday Night Lineup

Fall TV has begun! We know how excited some of you guys are for your favorite shows, so each day we will be putting together the night's lineup.


Tonight's premiere lineup:

  • CSI Miami: CBS, 10pm
  • Castle: ABC, 10pm
  • House: FOX, 8pm
  • Heroes: NBC, 8pm
  • Dancing with the Stars: ABC, 8pm
  • How I Met Your Mother: CBS, 8pm
  • Accidentally On Purpose: CBS, 8:30pm
  • Two and a Half Men: CBS, 9pm
  • The Big Bang Theory: CBS, 9:30pm

Great shows on that have already started:

  • One Tree Hill: CW, 8pm
  • Gossip Girl: CW, 9pm

If you're a fan of any these shows, be sure to check out these CafeMom fan groups: House MD Fans, Dancing with the Stars Fans, One Tree Hill Junkies, and Gossip Girl.  

Which show are you going to be watching tonight?

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