How to Operate Your Remote Control with Only One Battery

hack into your remoteHas this ever happened to you: you settle down to watch a TV show you've been anticipating (Grey's Anatomy premiere, hello!) and you click the remote and nothing happens.

You open it up to find one battery missing, more than likely giving life to a toy that's who knows where.


Grr. And batteries are like gold in my household, so if you're like me, you don't have any on hand unless you were to steal it out of yet another electronic (and that just creates a domino effect).

If this has happened to you, I thought you might find this video useful. All you need is a paper clip to get your remote control temporarily working again until your next trip to the store. Hey, at least it'll get you through your show!

Do you have any tips for hacking into electronics to make them work better?

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