Celebrity Buzz on CafeMom

Photo by: Jbears536

Happy Halloween! Besides monsters, witches and politicians, we've had quite a bit of celebrity news this week on the Daily Buzz. Nicole Ritchie has come a long way from her days as Paris Hilton's BFF! She's a mom with a line of jewelry and you can check out her collection over at Beauty & Style Buzz.


Cafe Melisa over at Pregnancy Buzz wants to know your favorite pregnant celebrity.

Cafe Sheri, over at Home & Garden Buzz had two celebrity stories this week:

Style begins a new show on November 9th called Ruby. Cafe Kristen over at Healthy Living Buzz gave us the 411 on the new series, which looks very interesting. Ruby is the story of a 500 pound woman who is trying to lose 350 pounds. Go Ruby!

Have a great day and see you around the Halloween party!

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