Wanna See Levi Johnston Naked?

levi johnston playgirl

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Levi Johnston—father of Bristol Palin's son Tripp and almost son-in-law to Alaska's ex-Governor Sarah Palin—is posing for Playgirl magazine sometime this month.

He told TMZ, he's either going to be showing the "front" or the "back." Johnston hired a personal trainer to get him in shape for the photo shoot.

Last month Johnston was Kathy Griffin's date for the Teen Choice Awards, and an interview with him appears in the September issue of Vanity Fair. In it, he dishes about his life with the Palins and reveals that Sarah wanted to pretend Bristol's baby was her own.

Do you think Johnston is smart to take advantage of whatever opportunities come his way while people are still interested? Or do you think he's a classless media whore? Will you check out the nude photos of him?


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