Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Will It Last?

Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

Jennifer Aniston's latest love interest is Gerard know, the hunky guy who played opposite Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth? Yes, him. I find him quite sexy.

And after that whole supposed Bradley Cooper choosing Renee Zellweger mess (how could he choose Renee over Jen?!), I'm happy Jen's been spotted dining and cuddling with this Scottish star, who is also co-starring with her in the film The Bounty. The pair are currently filming in New York.


My husband and I were talking about this in the car the other day. Obviously we were bored. He thinks Jen should date a normal guy -- a non-celebrity. My hubs exact words were "You, know, someone like me." I reminded him he was married.

What do you think of Jennifer and Gerard together? Will it last? Who should she date?


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