Say It Ain't So Joaquin!

Photo by: Stephen Shugerman/Getty

Joaquin Phoenix leaving Hollywood? At age 34, Joaquin plans to retire from acting and work on his music career. I for one, am totally against this decison!


The two-time Oscar nominee (and hunk) told Extra this week that his current movie will be his last performance as an actor!  Joaquin gave no details about his plans but his rep confirmed the retirement.

How can this be! Joaquin Phoenix has been one of my faves for years. A couple of my favorite performances by Joaquin:

Signs-He was the strong but sweet younger brother to Mel Gibson. Who can forget the end of that movie?

Walk the Line-Joaquin's portrayal of Johnny Cash was right on in this flick.

To Die For-He was creepy in this Nicole Kidman flick but he was brilliant.

Upcoming movie Two Lovers with Gwyneth Paltrow, is the last time we'll see Joaquin on film.

I am officially in mourning. I don't think I'm alone.

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