Monopoly City Streets Online Game

Monopoly City Streets is an online game where you're basically striving for world domination by becoming the richest property magnate in existence by January 31, 2010.


You start out with $3 million virtual dollars and are able to purchase properties including hotels, houses, castles and skyscrapers. Players are paid rent each day, from $50,000 for a house to $100 million for a skyscraper. Just like in the Monopoly game, there are Chance Cards that can either sabotage or aid you.

Hasbro partnered with Google Maps so you can buy real-life buildings and streets, which is kinda cool.

Currently, they're having some technical difficulties due to the unexpectedly massive response, but my SO has played it constantly since it launched this past Wednesday. Apparently, it's very addicting.  

So, who's striving for world domination? Have you heard of this game? Have you tried playing yet?

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