Audiobooks: Do You "Read" Them?

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Audio books are my savior. They're great for long roadtrips, especially if you have kids, and, oh! all of the everyday things you can do simultaneously while "reading"!


I tend to enjoy the unabridged versions better, mainly because I'm so paranoid I'll miss some minute detail. Some moms were discussing this in The Book Club group:

bekalynn825: Usually I can't tell that much difference between the two. Sometimes the unabridged version just seems to drag on and on with descriptive details.

pixiesand: I don't think they take out anything really important, but personally, I don't like to listen to abridged. I would always be worried about what I'm missing, even if it's trivial stuff. Also, I sometimes like to read along in the book and I wouldn't be able to if it were abridged. That's just me.

SelaCarsen: I think it depends entirely on who does the editing, as well as the format of the production. For instance, I have a BBC radio production of LOTR. It's only 17 hours long [end sarcasm]. Put together as a play, it's radio theatre rather than the reading of a novel and I'm ok with that. I have no desire to learn Tolkien's tree language. Right now I'm listening to an unabridged, 1-narrator version of Ngaio Marsh's Colour Scheme. I think it's harder to abridge a mystery novel, though. You never know where a clue might show up!

Do you listen to audio books? If so, do you prefer abridged or unabridged?

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