Have You Seen Hoarders?


Photo from A&E's Hoarders

There isn't much I like to watch on TV on Monday nights and I was flipping through channels until I got to A&E's new show, Hoarders. The same channel that airs Intervention -- a show I get sucked into often.

I had seen a preview or two and wasn't that interested at first, but there was nothing on, so I watched...and ended up watching two episodes in a row!


Hoarding is when a person is obsessive in collecting items and not being able to get rid if them, which then leads to a home filled beyond belief with clutter...everywhere. People who are afflicted do not see this condition as a problem, and this show tries to offer help.

I watched one where the woman hoarded food. She had what I think I remember being yogurt that had expired in 2007, but because the container wasn't puffy, she felt it was perfectly safe to eat. There were rotting pumpkins amongst the paper strewn all over her kitchen floor. I think there was another pumpkin and zucchini in the dining room -- rotting to the point that the fly paper hanging from the ceiling has no more room and flies were still buzzing all around the house. When the crew tried to clean it away, she picked out the pumpkin seeds from the muck because she said it was once such a beautiful pumpkin.

It made me so sad for the woman, who once couldn't afford to buy food, and who still struggled financially, all of which may have been the cause of her hoarding tendencies.

It also made me question my hoarding. I'm no where near as bad as the people on this show, but I do have some issues parting with items I really don't need. Example: yearly planners. For some reason I feel I need to keep them. It was difficult, but in the interest of making room in my limited storage areas, I finally got rid of years 2000-2007.

Have you seen the show Hoarders? Do you have any hoarding tendencies?


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