Melrose Place: Remake or Original?

melrose place

Jason Merritt/Getty

The series premiere of Melrose Place is the Tuesday night (on the CW)—or rather the "new" series premiere. MP is an old show that aired in the 90s and, like 90210, is being revived with a few of the show's original stars and a lot of brand-new ones.

When it comes to movies, I always prefer the original film to the remake, and while I admit I haven't seen 90210 and have no plans to watch Melrose Place, I'm pretty sure they just wouldn't do it for me. Melrose Place without Heather Locklear is like Friends without Jennifer Aniston. Can you imagine that?

I think television producers are just being lazy. Why can't they come up with new shows?

Will you watch the new Melrose Place? Did you watch the old one?

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