What Celebrity Would You Trade Places With?

David Duchovny Tea Leoni

Photo by David Livingston/Getty

While at my girls-only getaway, my friends and I had some very meaningful conversations. One being about what celebrity would you trade places with.

Of course, there was deeper conversations being had, but I won't bore you with that stuff.

My friend Jen said hers would be Fergie, but only because she could be married to Josh Duhamel. So I thought...mine has to be Tea Leoni, only to be with David Duchovny -- my all-time biggest celebrity crush ever.

Oh Duchovny...so smart, such a sense of humor, so sexy -- swoon!


Jen asked me if his supposed sex addiction would bother me. Um, heck no!

But if I was Tea Leoni, I would hate myself. I don't know what it is, she just annoys me. Maybe it's her voice? (Sorry Tea if you are reading this.) Obviously I am just jealous. I'm sure you're a lovely lady.

Of course there are other reasons to choose what celebrity you'd like to trade places with. Someone like Taylor Swift for being a young musician traveling the world. Or maybe Oprah for well, all that she's accomplished.

Now I'm not going to take some magic pill and this trade will mysteriously happen -- I do love my life, love my hubs, but it was a fun game to play with the girls.

What about you? What celebrity would you trade places with and why?

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