Ratboy Jr.: Music to Make the Family Dance & Sing

Years ago when I was in college there was a band that I loved to see play live -- the whole town and surrounding towns loved to see them, too. They had this one song about plate tectonics and I still remember the words. Well, some of the words. It's been a while.

But now they have me singing about monkeys, lost rabbits, and Superman-like garbage men.

Tim and Matty, two guys from that band, now write music for kids...or really, music for the whole family. Their band is called Ratboy Jr. It's folky dance rock that has a sense of humor, tons of charisma, and lyrics that will stick in your head. Good stuff!

I dare you to try to not sing "ooh I really love my monkey" after you watch this clip.


These guys have played with The Ramones in the past, but it seems like they are having the most fun with these catchy tunes. I mean, who wouldn't? Makes me want to start a band. But I should really learn an instrument first. Maybe I can tambourine for Ratboy Jr. sometime?

I am definitely going to play this for my twins.

"Oooh I really love my monkey!"

Ratboy Jr. tours and plays tons of family-friendly events big and small -- and they love making new friends along the way. As you can see from the video, they not only play music to get you and the kids moving and singing, they even throw in unexpected props like spinning discs and "giants" (people on stilts perhaps?). I guess we'll have to go to a show to get the full scoop from Tim and Matt. Fun!

"Oooh I really love my monkey!"

You can check them out at Ratboyjr.com for tour dates and more information.

Do you and your kids have a band you love to listen to together?

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