Demi Moore Denies Having Plastic Surgery

demi moore denies plastic surgery

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty

I think Demi Moore is hot. So, I was completely floored when I read an interview this week in which she said that she has NEVER had plastic surgery.

The actress, who turns 47 in November, was rumored to have had hundreds of thousands of dollars of surgery on her face and body for her role in the 2003 Charlie's Angels flick, Full Throttle. (She looked terrific!) She's denying going under the knife.

Fans are incredulous about her denial. So Demi continued to defend herself on Twitter, insisting that having her three daughters has left her with "stretch marks and extra skin."

What do you think? Is a healthy lifestyle and the occasional tweak in Photoshop (for magazines and movies) all you need to look this good? Or has Demi has some help?


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