Twilight Rumors: 'Midnight Sun' Release Date And Fifth Movie?


Rumors are flying this week about a possible fifth installment of the Twilight franchise after actor Boo Boo Stewart (who will play Seth Clearwater in Eclipse) said that he had signed on for three films.

But there are only four published books in Stephenie Meyer's series. And Boo Boo wasn't/isn't in the first two (Twilight and New Moon, out Nov. 20).

So what does this mean?

Summit Entertainment has denied reports of a fifth film, explaining that Boo Boo misspoke.

But fans are speculating that there is, in fact, a fifth Twilight installment—that either Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies, or that the movie will come from Meyer's unpublished book, Midnight Sun.

Rumors that Midnight Sun will be published at the end of this year or early next have been circulation for a little while now.

Are you hoping for a fifth Twilight movie? When do you think Midnight Sun will be released?

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momof... momoflilangel

I am not sure when/if Midnight Sun will be finished but I would love for it to be soon!

Daily... Daily Buzz Team

I heard that they're splitting the last book into two parts, like they're doing with Harry Potter...

Caval... Cavalrybaby02

I had read a long time ago, before the release of twilight that they were going to split the last book into two movies.

Midnight sun is the same story just from Edwards POV.  I don't necessarily think it would make a good movie after twilight.

But I would LOVE for it to be published.

AlyBe... AlyBellasMom

I see where they would need to split the book, it has so much detail that you wouldn't wanna miss it by putting it all in one movie. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

Midnight Sun would be a poor movie.  It's also a poor book, unfortunately.  I was able to read her rough draft when she still had 250+ pages up, and all it did was show me that SHE was unable to write as intelligently as the character Edward was portrayed as being.  It was really disappointing.

navyma23 navyma23

I would think Breaking Dawn would be two movies, cause there is ALOT in that book that seemed crammed in there.


I'm pretty sure she isn't going to release Midnight Sun since it was leaked on the internet. She said she was too upset that someone she trusted leaked the unfinished book. She talked about not being able to finish it. But hey I guess she could've changed her mind. Check out the blog yourself.

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

I hope they don't break the 4th into 2 movies... unless they do a btter job with the movies for  2 & 3.....

nonmember avatar Amy

They need to split the 4th book into two movies for sure. There is just too much going on to make one movie work and even though I love what I have read of Midnight Sun so far, a movie isnt necessary.

nonmember avatar elvira

OMG I wish midnight sun would come out soon, and I would love it to come out into a moive also. I love all the books so far and the movie twilight was good cant wait for New Moon!!!!

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