Twilight Rumors: 'Midnight Sun' Release Date And Fifth Movie?

Rumors are flying this week about a possible fifth installment of the Twilight franchise after actor Boo Boo Stewart (who will play Seth Clearwater in Eclipse) said that he had signed on for three films.

But there are only four published books in Stephenie Meyer's series. And Boo Boo wasn't/isn't in the first two (Twilight and New Moon, out Nov. 20).

So what does this mean?


Summit Entertainment has denied reports of a fifth film, explaining that Boo Boo misspoke.

But fans are speculating that there is, in fact, a fifth Twilight installment—that either Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies, or that the movie will come from Meyer's unpublished book, Midnight Sun.

Rumors that Midnight Sun will be published at the end of this year or early next have been circulation for a little while now.

Are you hoping for a fifth Twilight movie? When do you think Midnight Sun will be released?

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