Free eBooks From the Library With New Gadget

Sony Reader Daily Edition and public libraries

Sony Reader Daily Edition; $400

You may not own one, but you've probably heard of the Kindle -- the popular e-reading device that lets you download books from

Last month, Sony announced its foray into the e-readership world with several new digital readers including it's top-of-the-line Reader Daily Edition. There are a few differences between the two gadgets, but as this bookworm sees it, the major advantage to the Sony product is the ability to get free e-books from public libraries.

The New York Public Library is the first to agree to offer this service, though thousands are reportedly signing up. Just imagine being able to get the latest Mary Higgins Clark, Nicholas Sparks or Dan Brown for free for 21 days -- way longer than the typical 7-day "Lightning Loans" available for new hardcovers at most public libraries.

Okay, now the pros and cons of each e-reader ...


Amazon Kindle:


Reasonable at $200

Stores over 1,500 books

Books sell around $10 each, depending on titles

Mom tested and approved -- CafeMoms give the Kindle rave reviews.


You have to download from your computer

You can only get books from Amazon

Sony Reader Daily Edition:


Wireless -- get books from anywhere in the U.S.

$10 for new releases and bestsellers

The public library benefit, plus access to millions of free books in the public domain through Google

Not tied to one seller; you can buy from anywhere, including, the leading global distributor of e-books


Expensive! $400


Are you Team Kindle or Team Sony?

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