Your Shape Wii Game

Your Shape game

Photo from GameStop, $69.99

This workout game is seriously only one step behind having an actual trainer pop out of the television and into your living room.

Your Shape is an innovative workout game for Wii, set to hit stores this November.


The game comes with a camera that scans you as your workout (so no handheld devices to try to hold on to with sweaty palms) and it has the ability to let you know if you're doing the workout correctly. It also does a full body analysis and it combines that analysis with the results of your fitness test and your goals to create a personalized fitness program to help you meet your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Want to add in weights or workout balls? No problem! You can tell the program what you have at home and your digital coach will add it into your personal workout.

The game offers over 480 exercises from cardio to yoga and 75 music tracks to go along with your workout.

I'm sold...what do you think? Would you work out with this?

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