Finally! My Shows are Back!

Fall TV

Photo from CBS/How I Met Your Mother

Summer is almost over (boo), but that means Fall is almost here and with Fall comes Fall TV (yay!).


Oh Barney, how I've missed your lists, and Heidi, my life has been so boring without your constant drama. I cannot wait for my favorite shows to return! Here's the shows I'm going to be sure to not miss:

  1. How I Met Your Mother, September 21 8pm EST
  2. Grey's Anatomy, September 24 9pm EST
  3. The Hills, September 29 10pm EST
  4. The City, September 29 10:30pm EST
  5. Dexter, August 30 at 8pm EST
  6. Mad Men (though this one is already three episodes deep)
  7. Entourage (this one has also already started)

What shows are you most looking forward to watching?

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