My Husband's Band is Playing a Fundraiser

fundraiser katy mae

Photo by roxysmommy

My husband is a musician. The band he's currently in, Katy Mae, is led by my brother-in-law and also features two good friends. They play country-infused rock and roll, and have seen a lot of big clubs and dives all over the country over the years. But they are about to play one of their most important shows yet. 

It's a fundraiser for a 2-year-old with cancer.


Adrianna Cavanagh was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and as you can imagine, medical bills are adding up for the family. This breaks my heart, not just for this family, but all families who have to go through this.

I'm so proud of my husband and his band for volunteering to play in NYC where all the proceeds will go to help this little girl continue to fight her disease.

I also want to note that kids can survive the impossible. If you haven't read it already, one of my favorite books is Hope, Faith and Charlie written by CafeMom Deirdre Carey who never gave up hope when her 6-month old embarked on a battle with brain cancer. Charlie is 10 now...and doing great! (You can read Deirdre's tips on how her family survived cancer, divorce, and the death of her mother here. She's an amazing woman.)

Come to the benefit show at Arlene's Grocery on September 10th in NYC if you're around or if you want more information on Adrianna, check out the site, 100 Strong for Adrianna.

Do you attend fundraiser and benefit concerts?

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