Did You Watch 'Octomom?'

Last night I DVRed the Octomom documentary but have yet to watch. And, frankly, after reading all the blogs and recaps of the show this morning and watching the a bit of the unseen footage on FOX, I don't know if I want to!

What did you think? Here's what some moms are saying...

  • Mommorgan: I think she has very serious problems—not just money issues.
  • Pinkgemini85: I feel very sorry for all of her children. She has no control over them, and not one seemed happy. I keep thinking about how I get to hold and love my baby all the time, but her babies will never experience that because she has too many. If she wanted to change peoples opinions and be supportive of her, doing that show was not the right choice. I'm actually quite disgusted...
  • Wildboyz1994: All of those shows about huge multiples make me sick. Bring on some big families with worth, like people who adopted a bunch of kids or people who have large families that are functional. I am all about celebrating families, but can we get some worthy of the title "family?" Go away Octomom and Jon and Kate...Hello someone doing it right!

What did you think of the show?

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