Heroes Recap!

Jordanplustwo is my friend and a total rock star for volunteering to report the Heroes recaps! Spoiler alert ahead.


Recap for Heroes 10/27/08 Episode, Eris Quod Sum:

The story line's focus is on Claire, Peter, Sylar, Matt and Daphne.  You get everyone else, except for Hiro, Ando, and the spirit walker guy in Africa. You see them in the last minute of the episode, which leads into the next episode which won't come out for two weeks.

Over all I give this episode an 8 out of 10. wasn't the best, but the Matt and Daphne story is excellent, and Elle comes back to work with Claire for the episode.  There's a "cat fight" at the very beginning which is really interesting. There's also a character death in this as well.

Next week's episode looks to be promising going into the PAST from what it seems possibly 5 years before they were all
Heroes. seems to be a Must See Episode!

If you didn't catch it tonight, go to
NBC.com in the morning to watch it online! There are definitely plot developments that you should see before continuing on.

If you are a Heroes addict, you have plenty of company! The Heroes group is awesome.

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