Gordon Ramsay Heats Up Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen

Photo from FOX?Hell's Kitchen

I love a British accent. Love a man who cooks. And love a fiery personality. Hello Gordon Ramsay!

I've watched all his show, I think, but my favorite is Hell's Kitchen. The drama!


It kills me how he gets up in the chef's faces when he's yelling at them -- how do they not break? Yes, some do, but most of them take it. Incredible.

I once worked at this fancy French restaurant where the chef/owner was insane -- he would scream his head off and throw pans around the tiny kitchen. Once he even got into a fight with the sous chef, who happened to be his brother-in-law. I swear -- they started the fist fight in the kitchen, then took it outside in the parking lot. Service was interrupted and someone called the cops. All at a four-star restaurant!

I wonder if Ramsay's real life kitchen tales involve stories like that. Betcha they do.

Do you watch Hell's Kitchen or any of Gordon Ramsay's shows?

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