Nora, The Piano Playing Cat

Nora is a cat who plays the piano (really, I'm not kidding) and has taken the Internet by storm with her unbelievable YouTube videos. This morning on the TODAY Show, Nora played the piano on live TV for the first time ever, proving that she actually has musical talent (and the videos are not just a studio trick).


According to her owner, Betsy Alexander, Nora's piano-playing comes organically—it's not something she taught her. Betsy is a piano teacher and thinks that Nora plays to imitate her; the two sometimes even play duets together (as you can see in the video).

Hmmm...Nora has got me thinking...I'm wondering if all pets (specifically, my dog) are musically inclined. Maybe it's time to break out the guitar...

Do you love Nora as much as I do? Or are you sick of her by now?

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