The Hills Recap!


Photo by: MTV/The Hills

My friend Gossip Girl is the official recapper for The Hills, big love to GG for your help! This week's episode has Audrina is having seconds thoughts about Justin Bobby and Stephanie drama contines. Spoiler alert!



On The Hills this week:

Audrina is having seconds thoughts about Justin Bobby…again…yes again! She was uncomfortable seeing him in Cabo flirting with other girls. She is still torn because she is with Cory, but she has that strong connection to Justin Bobby. So, while at a studio with the singer Brandy, Justin Bobby shows up and tells her they “Have a connection, and they need to be together, they have something special”. Co-worker Chiara is not buying it, she heard this story before and is trying to convince Audrina that he does this every time he is about to lose her. Audrina says this time is different. She breaks up with Cory, who looks heartbroken.

Stephanie is still having issues with Spiedi and Brody. Lauren tells Brody that Stephanie’s boyfriend is really mad at him for making Stephanie cry and wants to talk to him. Brody is still thinks Stephanie is not to be trusted.

Stephanie and Cameron meet the whole crew for a night out, Cameron talks big about giving Brody the low down but in the end, he is a wimp. He says nothing. Stephanie asks him if he is going to say anything and he doesn't say a word.  The next day Stephanie meets Speidi and talks to him about the incident at the club. Speidi is, as usual, a total jerk.

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