Hollywood Dads, TV Dads: Links I Love


Photo by Colorado Lilac

There's a lot of hot Hollywood dads out there...I mean the get-mama-a-glass-of-water-type hot.

And then, there's the far-too-perfect dads you see on those classic sitcoms, the ones that always makes things right again by the end of the 30 minutes.

Now if only there was a way to put the two together...

Since, unfortunately, scientist have not found a way to do this, here are some links I love about both types:


Who would you want to be your baby's daddy? — Momversation

My SO knows that super sexy dad David Beckham is on my "list." You know what list I'm talkin about... — Celeb Baby

America's favorite TV dads...who's yours? — Parent Dish

I take back what I said earlier...these dads are the outcome of hotness + good daddy skills. — Parenting

Who's your favorite Hollywood dad? 



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