Police Called to Gosselin Home & Episode Recap

Lots of Gosselin drama this past week. Last Thursday, Kate called the police to the Gosselin household where she was in a heated argument with Jon.


Apparently, Kate didn't approve of the babysitter but due to their custody agreement, she couldn't enter the property. The police had no choice but to tell Kate she had to go.


Other than the craziness that happens every other day with that family, here's a quick recap from redrockswhtsox, group owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group:

In this episode Kate spends time with the boys while Jon takes the twins for some daddy/daughter time.

The boys learned what it was like to live like a sailor aboard the USS North Carolina which has been turned into a museum. They had a great time exploring and asking questions while they toured the battleship. Above deck, they were allowed to man the guns and, with Kate's help, got some of the paparazzi in their sites.

Meanwhile Jon took the twins to an entertainment center. Cara enjoyed wall climbing, balancing, and other more extreme sports with her dad while Mady preferred to keep her feet on the ground and watch. Later Mady played games in the arcade with Jon.

There were no appearances from the little girls or talk of marital woes in this episode. It appeared to be a continuation of the same footage from the previous two weeks' episodes.

The episodes seem to be getting more and more uneventful...do you think it's because of the divorce or because Jon & Kate are just phasing out? What do you think about the police drama that went down?

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