"The Lost Symbol": Will You Read the New Dan Brown?

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

His newest novel comes out

September 15.

Book reviewers and critics hate him, saying his books are the literary equivalent of fast food.

They call him a terrible writer, a paint-by-numbers artist who can't even stay within the lines.


Apparently it doesn't take a good writer to be hugely successful in publishing, because Dan Brown's much anticipated forthcoming book The Lost Symbol (31 days and counting now) will have a global first print run of 6.5 million copies, the largest in the history of Random House. We're talking Harry Potter levels here.


No one knows what it's about. To keep copy cats and pre-emptive companions and reader guide hockers at bay, Brown intentionally kept the title vague and the number of editors allowed to read his manuscript to the bare minimum.

Any guesses as to what it might be about?



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Are you going to read the new Dan Brown? Do you agree with critics that he's a "terrible writer"?

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