3 Days With No TV

no TVI love TV. Trashy TV especially. The more mindless the better. Though I do love the news -- local, national, and international.

I just moved to a new place (moving when pregnant is stressful) and we didn't have TV for a few days because we had to wait for the cable appointment.

My husband and I also instilled a new rule in our new home -- no TV in the bedroom. We would fall asleep to TV every night in our room and I thought it would be hard to break that habit.

Guess what?


I haven't missed it. Apparently the secret to happiness is to turn off the TV.

Sure, we're still knee deep in boxes and unpacking is priority number one, but still...I'm happy we banned the tube from our room and perhaps my TV addiction will wane.

Granted, it's summer slow season and all my shows are done. But still...this is good.

Though tonight I cannot wait to watch the Hell's Kitchen episode I missed yesterday.

Are you a TV addict? Can you quit? Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

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