New "Outlander" Book Out Next Month

Echo in the Bone by Diana GabaldonI'm so burnt out on vampires lately (I've even been blowing off True Blood on Sundays) that I've been turning to historical fiction. One of my latest obsessions is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

The romantic duo of this series, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser give Bella and Edward a real run for the money in the love department, for sure.

The seventh in the series, An Echo in the Bone, is due out September 22. You can pre-order on amazon for $18. A major motion picture is also in the works; cast and production schedules are still to be determined.


If you haven't read the books yet, it's the story of a time-traveling nurse who ends up being transported from the 20th century to 18th Century Scotland, where she meets a 23-year-old Catholic Scottish Highlander named Jamie. You know what they say about what men wear underneath their kilts, right?

But there's plenty of action intertwined with the richly detailed plot lines and love scenes: English dragoons, political coups, scourgings, and battles. I think it's amazing that Gabaldon never visited Scotland before writing the first book. She wrote everything from library research.

Are you a Diana Gabaldon fan? Which one of her Outlander books is your favorite?

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