Jon & Kate: Beach and Kitchen Reveal

Jon & Kate plus 8

Photo from Jon & Kate/TLC

This episode was a continuation of last week's show. Kate was still at the beach with the kids while Jon was home overseeing the installation of the new kitchen cabinetry.

Here's a quick recap from redrockswhtsox, group owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group:


On the island, we saw more of the kids on the beach, a big family breakfast and Cara and Mady making up their own acting production. Kate allowed the kids to paint each other with pudding and make a huge mess, which has become somewhat of a beach house tradition for the family. They also visited a reptile house where they were able to touch and hold some of the creatures. Staying in line with Kate's new 'try everything" attitude she managed to hold one of the snakes herself for a few seconds.

During a ferry ride the family is shown being photograhed by paparazzi who rode the ferry with them. Kate explained that in this instance the security team was able to negotiate with the photogs. By allowing some photographs to be taken, they agreed to then leave the family alone for a while.

Back at the house, things got a little hairy with the cabinet construction as the dimensions they were going on were somehow miscalculated. Somehow it all worked out, though. During Jon's interview segments, he claimed to not be going through any kind of midlife crisis. He said that he's just being himself as he gets into the swing of their new schedule and lifestyle since the split. And of course while he knew the kids didn't belong in the messy construction area, he did miss them very much while they were gone.  

Kate's friend Carla restocked the cabinets for Kate to make her homecoming less overwhelming. Kate still seemed very overwhelmed when she saw the completed project. She admitted to being grouchy that morning but in the end was extremely pleased with the work and grateful to those who made it happen.

What do you think of the Gosselins' separate lives?

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