Girl Talk: My Current Obsession

Girl Talk

Photo by Getty

Girl Talk is quickly rising on my "favorite artists of all-time" list.


Gregg Gillis is the talented mix-artist behind the one-man group. Using just a laptop, he brilliantly mixes up to twenty songs at a time. You wouldn't think Notorious B.I.G. would go with Elton John's Tiny Dancer, would you? Well, let's just say he makes it sound like they belong together.

Not surprisingly, his music has stirred up a lot of contraversy revolving around copyright laws, but so far, he hasn't been hit with a lawsuit.

He's made four albums, his latest one titled Feed the Animals which came out last year (that's my favorite one). You can download the digital version for whatever price you want to pay. How cool is that? But if you pay over $5, you get a bonus of one large file with all the tracks connected (this album is intended to be listened as one continuous track), and if you pay over $10, you get a physical copy of the CD.

Have you heard of Girl Talk? Do you like his music?



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