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music websitesThe other day I was browsing for a legit website where I could listen to music. Each one I came across, I went through the motions of signing up, only to find that I have to pay a monthly fee after filling out all that info...grrr!


Boy, was I happy when I came across Geek Sugar's list of websites where you can listen to music, for free!. If you don't have iTunes on your computer, but you can stream music, here are some sites to check out:

  • lala: Ashlee Simpson may sing "You make me wanna la la!", but this website has tons of other artists and songs. Sign up for free to get access to over seven millions jams. You can then play any song or album once for free, purchase a web song for 10 cents (with unlimited online plays), or download the MP3 version for 79 cents.
  • 8Tracks: You can upload at least eight tracks onto this site (though no more than two of which can be from the same artist or album) and access them from anywhere as well as share your playlist and listen to others'.
  • Grooveshark: Kind of like a MySpace for music, you can listen, review, share, and rate music from your profile page.
  • Pandora: I have this as an iPhone app and use it all the time. Basically, you type in an artist or song you like, and they create a playlist for you. They choose songs based on your "like" or "dislike" feedback.
  • The site keeps track of every song you listen to and then produces a large number of features personalized to you.

Which website do you use to listen to music?

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