Jon & Kate Are Back: Episode Recap

Whether you agree with it or not, Jon & Kate Plus 8 is back. Two episodes played last night, one clearly filmed before and the other after the separation.

Here's a quick recap from redrockswhtsox, group owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group:


The first episode was filmed before the divorce announcement much earlier in the year. They were having their kitchen remodeled after less than a year of living there by a family friend who just happens to own a remodeling company. Apparenty they felt the old kitchen was not functional for a family their size.

While the work was being done, Kate decided it was too much for her to have the kitchen torn apart for two weeks and Jon agreed that it wasn't really safe for the kids to be home anyway. So Kate took the kids to the beach in North Carolina. Apparently they had to leave home at 4am to avoid the paparazzi, but it only took two days for them to find the family at the beach, thus the famous beach shots that were plastered all over the newstands a couple months ago.

In the end, they didn't show the completed remodel. Fans will have to tune in next week for the conclusion.

The second episode was obviously filmed after the announcement. Jon was not involved at all as Kate attempted to portray the life of a single mom. Kate appeared much more calm and willing to try things she typically did not involve herself with in the past.

The kids wanted to camp in the backyard again and Kate agreed to make that happen for them minus the expertise of their dad. Even though she could obviously have asked for help from any number of people on the sidelines during the filming, she made quite an effort to do things on her own.

She managed to get the smaller tent mostly set up and start a fire on her own after much time and persistence, but the work was clearly completed by unseen hands. She did, however, hang in there with the kids while they made s'mores and got ready for bed. Kate spent the night in the larger tent with the sextuplets while the twins slept alone in the smaller tent.

Fun appeared to be had by all in both episodes but things are very obviously not the same. Kate admitted it is very strange to be doing these things without Jon and the kids miss him very much. She says she feels relief that things are falling into place as far as the separation goes and plans to roll with the changes and is looking forward to the new chapter.

Man, does this jerk on my heart strings or what! What do you think? Do you think they should continue filming? Maybe take a year-long hiatus and return? Or just be completely done with reality TV?

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