Wanna Be On a Reality TV Show?

reality tv

I'd love to be on the Amazing Race if I had the freedom and the time.


I'd enjoy the travel, the competition—and the money. I'd ask my husband to be my partner because I just know we'd win the million dollars. He speaks several language and he's the adventure sports type who could do all the scary tasks like jump off cliffs and eat bugs. I'd do my part, of course.

I think that's the only show I'd ever consider doing. Well, if I could hold a note, maybe I'd go for American Idol. I definitely wouldn't want to be on The Bachelor or Survivor, or have my entire family on T.V. like Jon and Kate Plus 8. Though to be honest, I'm not so sure I'd really want to be on T.V. if it came right down to it. But it's fun to think about.

What about you? Would you ever be on a reality T.V. show? Which one would you like to be on?

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