More to Love: New Dating Show

More to Love

Photo from FOX/More to Love

I think I've watched every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but I have always remarked on how all the people from all of the seasons are thin and trim and have the kind of bodies you see modeling in magazines.

But now FOX has come along and offered a show, More to Love, for "one regular guy" to find love amongst "real women" to show that "love comes in all shapes and sizes." Their words.


More to Love comes from the same people who brought us The Bachelor and has 26-year-old Luke Conley, a former college football lineman now successful businessman looking for a long-lasting relationship. Luke is 6'3" and over 300 pounds. And all the ladies looking for love are voluptuous. 

"This brawny prince is searching for one curvy Cinderella to take on the romantic adventure of a lifetime." Again, their words.

The encore of the premiere is tonight at 9pm/8pm central, and new episodes air at the same time on Tuesdays.

What do you think of these dating reality shows? Do you think they needed to make one like More to Love? Or shouldn't contestants reflect what society looks like -- with all different shapes and sizes on one show?

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