Are You Going to Watch Modern Family?

Modern Family

Photo from ABC/Modern Family

While watching the finale and After the Final Rose for The Bachelorette (Jillian and Ed -- yay!), I saw a teaser for a new show called Modern Family, set to run on ABC in the fall.

It looks hilarious! Want a sneak peek? Check it out below.


Modern Family focuses on three families actually, and it's a good cross-section to shoe that today's families are a bit different than families of yesteryear.

And guess who's in it? Al Bundy (real name Ed O'Neill) from Married with Children! He plays a middle aged guy who is married to a much younger (and sexy) woman who had a pre-teen son.

Then there's Julie Bowen, who I loved in that show Ed from years ago. She plays a mom of three and wife to a dad who believes he's waaaay cool. But he thinks WTF means "why the face?" LOL.

There's also a same sex couple who adopted a baby from Vietnam.

The show was created by Steven Levitan who did Just Shoot Me and Christopher Lloyd of Frasier fame.

I can't wait to watch!

What do you think of Modern Family? Must see or skip it?

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