News with a Dash of Sass!

The Skinny: Fat Free News is a satirical news show reporting straight from the front lines of pop culture. The sassy and hilarious correspondents, Nadine Rajabi and Natasha Leggero, provide their unconventional points of view on slightly absurd (but completely real) news stories.


However, the skinny of The Skinny is that it's a shallow girls point of view of the news.  So if you were to actually read the real news via US Weekly, this is what it would be.

The Skinny: Fat Free News is produced by Fox TV Studios in conjunction with MySpace TV and Hulu.  New episodes launch every Thursday on MySpace TV and Hulu. You can also find The Skinny on YouTube and Facebook.

These ladies go into the world of breast pumps and shopping...and they bring back satirical news for women.

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