Twilight Comic Book In the Works



Yen Press, maker of comic books Black Butler and Maximum Ride, are developing Twilight into a graphic novel. In other words, Edward, Bella and Jacob in comics!

Author Stephenie Meyer is reportely involved in the project to make sure Korean artist Young Kim's artistic renderings of her infamous characters keep to her original vision.

You'll notice when you see the sketches of Edward and Bella (three of which are in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly) that they are not simply comic replicas of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, though there are similarities.

In my opinion, the sketches are more true to the descriptions of the characters in Meyers' book.


Edward in biology class: “His dazzling face was friendly; open, a slight smile on his flawless lips. But his eyes were cautious.” And Bella: “I was ivory-skinned …. I had always been slender, but soft somehow, obviously not an athlete …”

As great as they both are in their roles, I always thought Kristen was a bit sexy for her character and Rob too fashion-model like.

A publication date has yet to be set for Twilight: The Graphic Novel.

How do you feel about your favorite characters morphing into this new medium? Do you think the comic versions of the Twilight characters are more accurate than the people chosen to act them in the movies?

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