High School Musical 3, Zombies and More Weekend News!

High School Musical 3 is heating up the box office this weekend. October Mom's darling daughter was literally dancing in the aisles at the movie theatre! Here's more news from the weekend!


UFC lovers, chime in with SusieD250 and friends.

Top Chef addict chrissyb2287 started a new group for Top Chef fans! I am so there!

Cafe Kierna over at Big Kid Buzz is talking about Sunday Showdowns! Woot!

Finally, if you want to laugh out loud, you have to check out a video link from DivaMomof6 of a McCain versus Obama dance-off! Seriously, you'll die laughing!

BTW, picture from today's buzz is my dd...as a zombie. She and friends made their own horror movie this weekend. She did double duty as prop master AND zombie, LOL. No kids were harmed in the making of this movie! It's fake blood and corn syrup. Look for my daughter to win an Oscar in 2030!

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