Grey's Anatomy Recap

Photo by: Grey's Anatomy/ABC

I missed getting this up on Friday, because of the Jennifer Hudson family tragedy. Big love to Mom2LandS for getting me the recap despite a family emergency! Cidetary saved the day by writing the recap for her. Here's the recap:


The latest episode of Grey's we get to see the ending of Callie and Erica's first date... and well a little more then they thought would happen... happened!  Derek will get sole credit for the clinical trials that he and Meredith do together... he is on the cover of a magazine and wrote an article for the new SHEPARD METHOD!  George has started his first day as resident and is seeing everything in a whole new light... not getting any respect from the interns and also catching slack from Cristina, Alex and Izzie because they have to give up one of each their interns to give to George.  And Lexie tries hard to get George to notice her.  Ending with, Izzie sharing with Alex that she has feelings for him and she knows that he has them for her too... and they finally KISS!  Cristina is left at the bar thinking that there are no real men left... then she spots McArmy!

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